Mouse                Gigabyte M6900
Gaming chair     
Mousepad          AULA 20×20
Keyboard           Razer Deathstalker
Screen res.        1920×1080
Headset              Corsair Void RGB
Screen              AOC LCD 24 Inch




Tom “Leo” Leonard is a 17-year-old Rocket League player hailing from Great Britain, he’s been playing
the game since early 2016, and is captain of our rocket league line-up. He describes his role within
the team as more of a defensive one – a third man, however he says he’s able to adapt wherever
As captain he aims to understand his teammates’ playstyle’s inside and out, in order to maximise the
team’s potential on the field. Individually as a player he aims to be more efficient in rotations and
passing so as to be more competitive against top tier players.
His favourite player is JHZER, “Although he isn’t the greatest player nowadays, he is one of my
reasons for starting rocket league, and actually watching him I learnt a lot of things I never would
have and to this day he continues to make headlines in the community” – Leo.
Leo is an optimistic player with big dreams, like his team-mates’ he listed attending RLCS and RLRS as
some of his goals, however unlike them mentioned that he aspires to win an ESL. It’s clear then, that
Leo is a captain who is confident in his team and his ability to lead it to success.