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Thomas "WauX" Pascal

Often called as Thomas

Full Name: Thomas Pascal

Born: 19 years old

From:  France

Pascal has been playing Counter-Strike for over 8years now: he has 1000 hours in CS:Source and 7000 hours in CS:GO. He got into Valorant since the early beta days. Pascal used to play CS:GO at a semi-professional level, but he had to take a break because of school and exams. Having passed his exams, he can dedicate more time on videogames. All this time he has been waiting for a new game that could possibly be at the same level of CS:GO, as he started to feel discouraged playing it. Luckily, Valorant has come out just in the right time. Aside of playing competitive FPS titles, he also has passion for music, IT science and network sciences.

Pascal wants to spend a little bit of his time with his team and get organized to win serious tournaments and events to the best of their abilities. He deems it more than feasible with a good organization and the will to go forward with the entire team.