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Jarkko "Jarqoni " Karhu

Often called as Jarqoni 

Full Name: Jarkko Karhu

Born: 26 years old

From:  Finland

Jarqoni is not a newcomer to card games. Previously, he had played Pokemon (TCG) for 9 years. After that he switched to playing Hearthstone for the full 6 years (he has been playing for 3 years semi-proffesionally.

Jarkko considers Hearthstone as one of the most popular card games in Esports. He was huge fan of WoW back in the day, so he quickly got hooked up on their new card game. He is very competitive person and Hearthstone Esports offers clear path for competitors to take in order to become one of the best players in the game. The main reason he favors Hearthstone over MTGA is because of the possibility to play the game on the phone, tablet, and computer.

Aside from Hearthstone, Jarqoni loves watching esports in general, playing other card games casually (MTGA, Yu-Gi-Oh! & Pokemon), and Jogging.

Currently, Jarkko aspires to compete in Masters Tour events and other offline/online tournaments. Furthermore, he would like to establish regular streaming routine in Twitch, so that it could provide hime a way to improve his skills for big tournaments as well as promoting the Hearthstone scene in his country. In his opinion, Finland has a lot of good players, and all they need is a little push.