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Norbert "Trouble" Szilágyi

Often called as Trouble

Full Name: Norbert Szilágyi

Age: 23

From: Hungary

Role: Lurker

Norbert started to play the Counter-Strike franchise about 10 years ago with 1.6, moving on to Source but finding his true passion in CS:GO. He has been playing the game since 2004 and accumulated a total of 10 000 hours, participating at 10 LAN tournaments, getting remarkable results and unforgivable memories.
Trouble was playing with the three people who are still part of the current roster. As time passed, he built a strong friendship outside of just playing the game together, which helped him feel at ease in such a friendly environment. Moreover, it gives him an extra morale boost to get the edge over their opponent in high stakes matches.

Other than playing CS:GO, Norbert has a full-time job and a lovely girlfriend, so he’s trying to spend most of his free time playing CS:GO and being with his beloved one.

“I would like to raise the name of AtlasGaming into the sky and achieve as much as we possibly can.” — Norbert “Trouble” Szilágyi.