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Nagy "Phenom" Levente

Often called as Phenom

Full Name: Nagy Levente

Age: 21

From: Hungary

Role: IGL

Phenom has been playing Counter-Strike for six years now. During that time, he has accumulated a total of around 10 000 hours in the game. Nagy always tries to push his limits. Nonetheless, he doesn’t feel like he achieved his goals just yet. There is still a step forward which needs to be taken to be the best. AtlasGaming is the same team he has started his competitive career with. Phenom and his other mates know each other for three years now, helping them move forward.

Nagy focuses on the tactical aspects of the game. He loves the game’s beauty when he sees that every step a team makes is not random, and there is always a well structured, logical tactic behind it. Counter-Strike is on his mind 24/7, and he can’t spend a day without thinking about a possible tactic or a move he can implement in his game.

Besides gaming, Nagy used to play football, but after an unexpected injury, he didn’t have any other option besides quitting. Now he’s learning computer science in college, so he usually plays board games with his friends, which improves his thinking skills when he has free time.

“I would like to prove AtlasGaming and myself that Hungarians can play top-level Counter-Strike.” — Nagy “Phenom” Levente.