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Daniel "NONS3NS" Werner

Often called as NONS3NS

Full Name: Daniel Werner

Age: 19

From: Hungary

Role: Sniper

Daniel started playing CS in 2015, and he started taking it seriously and competitive in mid-2016. That gave him more than enough time to sharpen his reflexes and practice his AWP skills to the top level.

NONS3NS used to play football when he was younger. Unfortunately, he had to stop, but he still likes to watch football games.

Also, he likes to be outside, go for a walk, and get some fresh air when he’s not playing.

“I knew about Atlas for a couple of years now and I heard good things only, and now that I’m in the org I can see it too. My goal is to get Atlas and our name on the map and get bigger in the scene.” — Daniel “NONS3NS” Werner