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Peter "KryptoN" Ivánkó

Often called as KryptoN

Full Name: Peter Ivánkó

Age: 20

From: Hungary

Role: Sniper

Peter has been playing with fps games since 2010, when he first started playing Call of Duty. From that moment, he instantly fell in love with shooters. As the Hungarian MW3 scene started to switch to CS:GO, Peter decided to go along with them, and saw no need to ever go back to playing CoD.

Outside of the gaming world, Krypton is interested in many activities, such as football, Formula 1, and different C&R Fishing. He finds morning times at the lake soothing and relaxing, an essence of fishing.

This is Peter’s third time with Atlas, and even though the first two periods had their ups and downs, at that time the team was missing the key component to achieve their goals.

“This time I think we finally have what it takes to make the step we need, which we had not been able to make in the past 2 periods with Atlas.” — Péter “kryptoN'” Ivánkó