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János "james8k" Fodor

Often called as james8k

Full Name: János Fodor

Age: 14

From: Hungary

Role: Entry Fragger

János has been playing CS:GO since 2017. He has a long list of goals to achieve throughout his carrier, and eventually he would like to play on the highest level and participate in high tier international leagues/tournaments/events, that’s why he is practicing hard day by day to be better.

As of now, James8K wants to reach ESEA Main and win some events in his home country. Aside of CS, János used to be a certified footballer for the local football team, but Counter-Strike takes up all his free time now, so he chose to focus solely on the game.

“This is going to be my first cooperation with an international organization, so I’m looking forward to it, and really wish to make it successful and to make a good debut too! I would like to prove AtlasGaming and myself that Hungarians can play top-level Counter-Strike.” —János “James8K” Fodor.