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Géza “Exsyte” Rizmajer

Often called as Exsyte

Full Name: Géza Rizmajer

Age: 22

From: Hungary

Role: Support

Géza was only about 12 years old when he has been first introduced to the world of Counter-Strike, but he’s had some short as well as some longer breaks through those 10 years.  

About 2-3 years ago he used to be a part of AtlasGaming for a fairly long period which helped to create a really strong bond between the core players of the team, so that they managed to play together ever since. (with some shorter times off in between) 

Under the flag of AtlasGamingExsyte has participated at multiple online and offline events in the past and earned great memories and lots of experience as well as some great results. 

He’s hoping now that The Four Musketeers are back, considering that they have a decent 5th player to top the team off nowthey will be able to achieve the goals that they have pinned on their board for a very long time. 

For me personally, I feel that we are back at home as AtlasGaming always been our second family. I do believe that this time we can reach further than we ever managed to do and achieve more than we thought we could.” — Géza “Exsyte Rizmajer