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Riku "Skydex" Palosaari

Often called as Riku/Skydex

Full Name: Riku Palosaari

Born: february 28, 1997 (23 years)

From: Tampere, Finland 

Role: Rifler, Secondary AWP

One of Counter-Strike’s deadliest entry fraggers and a founding member of Astralis. dupreeh is an extremely versatile player and has changed role quite a few times throughout the history of the team. He can play the lurker role with near-perfect positioning and can swing a mean AWP to help the team’s primary sniper Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz.  

After Astralis’ first Major victory at ELEAGUE Atlanta 2017, dupreeh broke through the Top 10 in the “Best Players in the World” list for the first time in his career and was named MVP after helping Astralis win their first-ever ESL Pro League tournament.