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Roland "Demku" Demku

Often called as Demku

Full Name: Roland Demku

Age: 19

From: Hungary

Role: Entry Fragger

Roland started playing CS:GO when he was 13 years old, and he got instantly addicted to the game. He watched many pro games, which was the reason behind his wish to achieve a professional level of play.
Aside from competitive play, he has a programming hobby. He’s learning it at university and he really likes what he studies, but it isn’t that easy sometimes. He also enjoys football and table tennis.
Roland has a lot of ambitions for the org, and one of them is becoming one of the best teams in Hungary and qualifying in ESEA Advanced leagues. Finally, Demku feels that with this team and org, he has a chance to step up and achieve this level.

“I was in a lot of teams during these six years, but now I feel I was finally able to find the right team for me. My four teammates and I were playing together for a long time. It wasn’t that easy in the beginning, but now I think the synergy is really good between us.” — Roland “Demku” Demku.