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Alexander "Axell" Tóth

Often called as Axell

Full Name: Alexander Tóth

Age: 19

From: Hungary

Role: Sniper

Alexander’s connection with Counter Strike goes back all the way to 2010 when he first started with the Counter Strike 1.6 before switching to CS:GO in 2013.

As of now, Axell really wants to get qualified to ESEA Main, and then just climb further from there, going all the way through to participation at a major tournament. But first he would like to get some reputation as well as to win tournaments back in his home country, and then just keep going forward to international level.

Axell used to play football back in the days, in the tier1 county level, but due to a serious knee injury he unfortunately had to stop. Also, he is really into cars and car tunings, so sometimes he attends car shows. When Alexander is in the mood for it, he often just goes out for a ride into the nowhere.

“Hopefully with AtlasGaming, my goals for the close future (such as to get to ESEA main) will come true, I will definitely do my best to make it happen and I’m looking forward to show the world what I am capable of!” — Alexander “Axell” Tóth.