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We would like to present our organization for you. We have high hopes towards being eligible for your support!

Team and History:

AtlasGaming is an eSports organization founded in August, 2016 by Daniel “Dan” De Klerk. Originally, it consisted of only 5 European members with the focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. As our team evolved over the course of time, many players of different nationalities were playing in it. Nowadays, our organization has two teams in both EU and US regions.


Our management consists of four people: Daniel De Klerk (CEO), Matthieu Maestre (Manager), Bogdan Bogdanchenko (PR Manager), Aaron Smith (Team Manager NA), and Matthias Matysek (Partnership Manager).


We have 2 confirmed CS:GO teams at this point; our recent addition is a PUBG team, and we are negotiating with a Rocket League team and a CoD team.

Past Achievements:

Achieving ESEA Open Playoffs in Season 25.

Goals and Ambitions:

Our organization is highly motivated to bring about innovations in the eSports scene. We are looking forward to set new standards for the gaming at a competitive level. Our main principle is professionalism both inside and outside the team, that’s why we prioritize highly motivated and dedicated players to join us. As of now, we are focused on finding teams from other competitive games.

What are we looking to get?

We would like to discuss this matter later on, if you feel comfortable with what we have to offer.

What we’re offering:

We can offer you advertisement on our Twitter,  on our YouTube channel, on all of our streamers’ pages, and feature your logo in our YouTube intro. We could also advertise you via our website.

To find out more or apply for our partnerships, please visit


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