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With the league season kicking in by the end of the month of August for AtlasGaming EU CS:GO team, the practice schedule is getting more intensive and regular than during the summer break period, in order to be ready to perform. Unfortunately, our sniper Bogdan “KantrusT” Bogdanchenko can’t keep up with this schedule, as he is refocusing on his studies for some time. He is therefore dropping out of the active roster, after more than 3 years of good services. We wish him all the best in his projects as he will stick around AtlasGaming as a PR manager! Another game this is starting up is the Overwatch series, if you want to bet on teams go to

“It’s not always easy to come up with parting words, but I am glad I had an opportunity to be a part of a truly dedicated CS:GO team for such a long time. I remember everyone starting at silver ranks, and now I realize how much had happened since. Thank you for having me and good luck with the new line-up.”

–Bogdan “KantrusT” Bogdanchenko


The 18 years old rifler Bogdan “vden” G will step in for the team to replace him. The roles within the team are changing following this move, with Matthieu “AraShir0” Maestre picking up the AWP, Joshua “n1vent” Niven moving into a support position and Daniel “Dan” de Klerk taking over the lurk role. vden will be the new entryfragger for the team and will hopefully help to reach new highs!


“I’m really happy and hyped to play with AtlasGaming because I believe in the project and it’s a good chance for me to prove myself as a player. I also have friends in the team, so I have natural chemistry with some of the players. I look forward to the challenges that await us!”

–Bogdan “vden” G, AtlasGaming EU CS:GO Player


Regarding the NA CS:GO roster, which is now 2-0 in the Radium League following their win versus ISellPowerCS with a substitute player, their definitive fifth player will be announced soon. Stay tuned!


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