Mouse                  Steelseries Rival 300
Gaming chair     Maxnomic
Mousepad        Steelseries Qck+
Keyboard           Steelseries Apex m500
Screen res.        1024×768
Headset              Sennheiser Game Zer0
Screen                ACER Predator




Levente “Phenom” Nagy is a 18 years old CS:GO player. He started playing CS:GO in 2014. It was his first FPS game but it quickly became a real passion for him. Since then he does his best to improve himself daily and does everything to become a part of the professional layer. His role in a team is mostly playing the second AWP role or trying to make an opening kill to get into a site. He considers himself as an annoying player to play against because he likes to make unexpected moves that help his team to win a round. He is currently improving his aim because that is necessary to get on a higher level. He doesn’t have any favourite player because he thinks you can always learn something new from every csgo player even if that player is not on a professional level. He has the same opinion about teams. He thinks that you have to learn from them the plays that make them professional. Every team has bad and good moves to so you just need to analyze the good ones to reduce the number of your own mistakes. His short-term goal is to be the no.1 team in Hungary. After that he wants to qualify to a major and that is his long-term goal.