Mouse                  Iconic Controller
Gaming chair   GTOmega Racing
Headset              Astro A40TR
Screen                Zowie RL2455 24 Inch



Josh ‘Chronos ‘Chinsky

Chronos started playing Call of Duty when he was 14 years old, right at the end of Black Ops II. His cousin had the game and they’d always play when he went over to his house, and he convinced his parents to let him get a copy himself. As far as competitive Call of Duty is concerned, he started in Black Ops 3 under an org called Stratus Gaming, which his duo Majestiic had actually owned at the time. His role within the team has been primarily as a Flex player, but for most of his career he has been an OBJ, so this is the role he is embracing right now.

As a player both inside and outside the game, Chronos doesn’t quit. He came into this scene knowing that there was a lot of competition, and that there would be ups and downs while trying to climb the ladder for success. It’s not about taking the losses, it’s about bouncing back and continuing to grow as a player. His best quality is also his worst fault, and that is the fact that he is too nice. When somebody needs help, he normally doesn’t hesitate to come to their rescue, even if that means sacrificing his own time/money to do so.

He is also loyal to a fault, as once he makes a full squad and sees that they’re meshing well as people, he’ll generally stick with them until he is forced out or the team breaks up. He believes that in-game knowledge and skill can always be improved but finding a team that has perfect chemistry is something that’s hard to find and should always take priority. His favorite player is definitely Scumpii. When he first started watching YouTube videos of competitive Call of Duty, he was the first channel Chronos went to.

He got hooked with his in-game aggression as a sub, as well as being the “funny guy” while in pubs or just lounging around the team house. His short-term objective is to be able to make a name for himself in this scene. He wants to be a name that his fellow players in this scene know about, and he wants to be the guy that’s respected. His long-term objective is to eventually transfer from playing competitive Call of Duty to streaming.

He will start his last year of college in the fall, which means his last year competing, and he also has plans to attend the Police Academy. So while it’s unfortunate, he wants to make sure that he still keeps gaming a part of his life, and to try and help other people enjoy it as much as he does.