Mouse                  Scuff Impact
Gaming chair   GTOmega Racing
Headset              Astro A40TR
Screen                Zowie RL2455 24 Inch



John ‘Gamerr’ Tittle

The first Call of Duty game Gamerr played online was Modern Warfare 2. He started playing competitive in Ghosts and continued until midway through Black Ops 3. This is his first year back in competitive and he feels like it’s his best year yet. His role within this team is flex. What defines him as a player is his raw gunskill and game awareness. Outside of the game he is a very laid back and relaxed person who puts his family first. Some of his biggest qualities are his dedication to winning and his work ethic. One of his defaults would be not being as vocal as he sometimes should be. He doesn’t really have a favorite team or player but tends to model his game off of players like scump and zoomaa. His short-term goals are to place well at an event this year and get his name more known in this community. On the long term he would like to win a major event.