Mouse                Gigabyte M6900
Gaming chair     
Mousepad          AULA 20×20
Keyboard           Razer Deathstalker
Screen res.        1920×1080
Headset              Corsair Void RGB
Screen              AOC LCD 24 Inch




Aka “Keda” Kedačič is a Slovenian Rocket League player, he’s 17 and has been a gamer his whole life.
Kedačič started playing Rocket League when it came out in 2015, enjoying it more than anything he’d
played before, he instantly fell in love with the game. Keda says he knew he wanted a future in
Rocket League right from the start, which eventually lead him to join Mato, and Leo, on their venture
to become pro’s.
Keda describes himself as more of a team player, who isn’t concerned with making flashy plays and
scoring all the goals. Instead he says he prefers to focus on supporting his team by passing the ball
and creating opportunities for them to score. He likes to play smart, with a big emphasis on team
play and rotations.
Moving forward in Rocket League, Keda hopes to further improve his skills by practicing as much as
he can and continuing to learn from his mentors. He says the road ahead of the team is long, but he’s
confident that it’s future is bright.