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Its Valorant time!

After we announced the return of AtlasGaming, we have been busy looking for talents across competitive games. As a result, we have reentered Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone scenes, and now we are more than thrilled to announce our next destination: Valorant.


We consider Valorant a promising game, which is built on solid foundations of the previous competitive FPS titles. It has the aim mechanics that closely resemble C.S. 1.6. mixed in with the modern character-based tactical shooter. Moreover, the developers of the game are no other than RIOT Games, and their continued support to their League of Legends title makes us believe this game will have a very bright future. Considering our close relationships with Counter-Strike scene, this new entry should not come off as a surprise to anyone.

We would like to introduce our full French lineup under the lead of Matthieu:

          Matthieu Maestre

          Elijah Calonnec

          Kerrouche Ilyes

          Bethaz Raphael

          PASCAL Thomas

Matthieu “Arashiro” Maestre has the following to say:

“As a player, I am very excited to play for AtlasGaming again. It feels like coming back home, and I know the organization support will match our ambition. I’m looking forward for us to achieve great things together!”


Paavo, our team manager, has this to say:

“Valorant is a game that could very well be the next big thing in Esports, and we have been scouting for a team to represent us in the scene for a while now. Finally, we have found what we were looking for and I feel confident and excited about this new French squad. I look forward to working with these players as they have already shown good results in the past and I know they have potential to be a very solid contender in the scene.”



We wish them the best of luck in their future to become the best Valorant players they could be.

Read more about AtlasGaming and our group at AtlasGaming.GG

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