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New Team Announcement.

Today we would like to introduce you to our new Slovenian Battalion 1944 team! Marko copperhead Krejan, Žan Ponoru Štebe, Matic Swahix Pfeifer, Luka izu Goropečnik, Blaž OPM Zadravec, and Matej Strudl Šubelj, welcome aboard!

About Battalion 1944

We are extremely excited to enter this new game, which is still in early access phase, but shows a lot of potential. Battalion 1944 is a 5v5 competitive fps game in a WW2 setting. To win the round, five players on one team must either assassinate all enemy players, or plant the bomb and let it explode. Their opponents must defend two bombsites from the attackers.

Battalion team captain Marko Krejan would like to share his thoughts about our future:

Marko Krejan
Team Captain

We are very excited to play under AtlasGaming. All of us are interested to see where the Battalion 1944 competitive scene might go. We would also like to see our Slovenian home scene grow bigger, and we are happy to be a part of it. The core of our team has top level CoD4 promode experience from playing in team “Wisers”. Me and Ponoru, who also came from the promode scene, moved on to CS. It resulted in us having high competitive experience in CS:GO, including attending several LANs here in Slovenia. We are hoping we can combine these experiences and make an impact in the Battalion 1944 scene. We are happy to represent the organization in every tournament we can attend and hopefully win.!

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