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Introducing a brand new team, CS:GO AtlasGaming

CS:GO Roster Reveal 

At long last, the day is finally here. We are proud to announce our five Finnish CS:GO players: SakicSokeaKalifiSkydexJekkued! The talented up and coming team will work closely with a Belgium analyst Teuwen “TIB” Thibeau, who is going to help them fight their way to success. We have high hopes for you guys and wish you good luck and have fun! 

I am very excited to present our first team for the new AtlasGaming. I strongly believe that with this Finnish squad and the help of an excellent analyst Teuwen “TIB” Thibeau, we can reach new heights for Atlas. 

  • Daniël Dan” 

We’re excited to join forces with AtlasGaming and are looking forward to working together and to keep improving. We hope to play the best CS we have ever played under the Atlas banner and I’m glad I got this opportunity to work with a great group of young and talented players. After a year of hard work things are finally starting to click, and we hope to show everyone what we are made of!” 

  • Niklas “Sokea” Hallikainen 

Read more about AtlasGaming and our group at AtlasGaming.GG

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