Mouse                Steelseries Rival
Gaming chair     
Mousepad          Steelseries Qck+
Keyboard            Genius Imperator
Screen res.        1280X1024
Headset              HypxerX Cloud Stinger
Screen              Samsung LS22F352




Géza ‘Exsyte’ Rizmajer is a 19 years old Hungarian player who currently lives in the UK.
He has been playing on the Counter Strike franchise since 2011. In his team he plays the support role which means, he is focusing on to help his teammates with flashes/ counter flashes, and refrag his teammates if any of them falls.
He is a T sided player who can be deadly with the AK47 and keep the pressure on the enemy.
Fortunately his skills suits well to his role although he knows he is capable to improve more and more therefore he keeps up the hard training from day to day.
He is very strong-willed and always refuses to give up.
He doesn’t have any favorite team or player as he likes all professional players and teams on the same level.
His short term goal is to participate on his first offline event back in his home country and be able to make a memorable debut.
His long term goal is to have a successful cooperation between his team and Atlas Gaming, and participate in as many offline/online events as possible under the Atlas Gaming banner.
His motto is: ‘Work hard until you don’t have to introduce yourself’