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New Team Announcement.

We are happy to announce a new CS:GO roster! Péterk RYPT0N Ivankó, Géza Exyste Rizmajer, Patrik pdRRR, Polgár, and Levente Phenom Nagy, welcome to AtlasGaming! As always, here are some thoughts of their captain regarding the occasion:

We are very happy to play for AtlasGaming. Everyone is motivated and hungry for success and I believe joining the organization would be the best option for us, so that we can make history together. We are practicing very hardly around 3 to 4 hours almost every day and I hope, that soon we can prove why we are here. We are a full Hungarian team with more than 4000 hours per player. We have been playing together since November 2017. We know each other very well, because we played with each other in the past. I also participated in two LANs as pdRRR’s teammate. It helps me a lot, as I know his playstyle and understand how he wants to play. Thus I can easily make suitable strategies and support him in game. I’m very happy to represent the organization in every competition in which we take part and hope the success will come very soon. We will compete in the VallHQ CS:GO League in February. Our first LAN event under the AtlasGaming is at the end of March. I hope that we can make a very strong and memorable debut!

Upcoming Events

If you are hungry to see the team in action, a perfect opportunity would be presented to you next week during VAL Champions League.

Furthermore, you can cheer for them in person at the upcoming LAN! It takes place on March 28th, and is called “Infnity Coulisseum LAN”. See you folks around there!

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