Mouse                  Scuf 4PS
Gaming chair   Giosedio RCA
Headset              Astro A40
Screen                Zowie RL2455 24 Inch



Chris ‘Majestiic’ Graves

Majestiic has been playing Cod competitively since AW but has been playing call of duty forever. His current role within the team is Sub Slay. He makes it easier for his teammates to do what they need to do by making sure there are less people to deal with on the map. What defines him in the game is that he can keep a level head and do his job to the best of his ability and whenever his teammates need him he feels like he can show up when it matters. Outside the game he tries to talk about what his team did wrong, what they did right or anything to make them better as a team. His qualities are his loyalty as a teammate, as he is always down for the grind and tries to stay positive and the biggest default that crosses his mind would be his occasional inconsistency. His favorite player is Apathy and his favorite team is EnvyUs. His short-term goal is to place well in Seattle, while his long-term goals are to make his name known in the Cod community and play the game he loves for a living.