Mouse                  Scuff Impact
Gaming chair   GTOmega Racing
Headset              Astro A40TR
Screen                Zowie RL2455 24 Inch



Ben ‘Hxyas’ Binyamin

Hxyas started playing cod in MW2 just for fun at first. He then started to play competitive in Call of Duty Ghosts, by just playing doubles and team ladders, and variant in AW. His role on the the team is Main AR Slayer. What defines him as a player in the game is his ability to have quick split decision making and his overall map knowledge in the game. Outside the game, he is humble and doesn’t take what he has for granted. His main qualities are his vibes. He focuses all on having a good time until it’s time to be serious. He is working on his attitude since occasionally he is the “I’ll believe it when I see it” type so it can be hard for him (At least for now) to remain optimistic about things until he starts to see progress. His favorite player used to be apathy cause of how helpful he was in black ops 3 with his tips and tricks videos but now the only people he studies are himself and his team. He also follows occasionally LG OCTANE here and there. His short-term goal is to do well at Seattle to grind hard for what he want and his long term objective is to be a well know and well respected player in the cod community while remaining as humble as he is now.