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AtlasGaming x ArtesianBuilds

We are extremely happy to share with you our new big step: our partnership with ArtesianBuilds!

As we share the same values and work ethics, we are pleased for an opportunity to represent ArtesianBuilds on the competitive esports scene. We will always choose our partners thoroughly and make sure that both parties will get the most out of our cooperation.

If you are thinking about getting new PC parts or the custom PC built for you, from now on you can always count on our partners at ArtesianBuilds!

“I am stoked to work with Artesian Builds. It’s a unique experience to see your custom pc being build live. With this partnership, we hope to give our followers something back with our discount code “AtlasGaming.” ” — Daniël Sonny “Dan” de Klerk.


ArtesianBuilds is ready to upgrade your PC to build for you live on and have it shipped to you in just 3-4 weeks! Get up to $100 off by visiting this link and entering discount code ATLASGAMING. at checkout! Hand-built, custom systems begin at just $1,580 or $97/month! DM ArtesianBuilds to talk specs @, they’ll optimize based on your budget, & ensure you’ve got our discount code applied! 🙂

Read more about AtlasGaming and our group at AtlasGaming.GG

AtlasGaming x ArtesianBuilds
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