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AtlasGaming Introduce Rocket League

Rocket League is a game and an esport title that doesn’t need to be presented anymore. However, in case you lived without internet for the past three years, this is what Rocket League is: 2 teams of three cars, flying, dribbling, hitting nutty aerials and eventually trying to score in their opponent’s goal to score points. Basically, soccer played with cars, making it much more impressive and intense. The intense gameplay and impressive plays made it an instant success on the esport scene.

We at AtlasGaming share the enthusiasm around Rocket League and were looking for a young squad to support and help reach their dreams in esports. Therefore, we are proud to announce today our new Rocket League team, composed of Leo, the team captain and his two teammates Mato and Keda and a substitute, GooseMan. They already raised eyebrows by placing well in the last RLRS qualifiers and their potential is not to be doubted.

We reached to the captain, Tom “Leo” Leonard to catch his mindset entering this new adventure


Tom Leonard
Team Captain

Me and my teammates are really excited to join AtlasGaming, we think it’s a great opportunity for us to grow bigger and stronger than ever before. Whilst we feel we have a decent chance at making it into the RLRS qualifiers, with a good organization behind us, we feel like the possibilities are endless, and maybe one day we could actually win the entire RLRS.

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