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Matthieu “Arashiro” Maestre

Matthieu Maestre is 19 years old. He has been playing Counter-Strike for 2 years. His in-game role is lurker, he tries to play on good timings to cut off rotations or create plays. As a CT, he’s often anchoring the B sites. Matthieu is  particularly efficient in clutches and low numbers situations, as he is able to read enemies’ movements quite well. The point he’s working on is his aim, because sometimes he feels like it is holding his back and it never hurts to improve it. The favourite team of Matthieu is probably G2 because he is French, but his favourite player is definitely Xyp9x, since he is such a good player in clutch situations and on solo holds CT. He looks forward to grow with his team, and to improve his own gameplay to make it worth it to move to LANs soon enough!

  • Role: Lurker
  • Nationality: French
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Daniel “Dan” de Klerk

Daniel “Dan” de Klerk is 21 years old, is playing for our European team. He has been playing Counter-Strike for 8 years. Dan’s in-game role is IGL. His best traits are leading people and early round aggression. Being an in-game leader for his team also means he has knowledgeable of numerous smokes and he’s good at reading an opposing tea. As a rifleman, he thinks it is necessary to keep practicing, especially spray patterns. Daniel considers his favorite player to be ex6tenz, and his favorite team is G2. He is looking forward to improving day by day and getting the chance to play a few more LANs.

  • Role: In-Game Leader & Lurker
  • Nationality: Dutch
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Herman “TheEpic<33” Degerman

Herman “TheEpic<33” Degerman, 15 years old, is our European team player. He has been playing Counter-Strike for 4 years. Herman plays a lurker/support role. Herman excels best at clutches: he’s good at outsmarting an enemy while being in a disadvantage. He’s trying to focus on improving his aim and game sense. Herman doesn’t have either favorite team or a favorite player. He is looking forward to hopefully become a professional CS:GO player one day.

  • Role: Rifler
  • Nationality: Swedish
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Joshua “n1vent” Niven

Joshua “n1vent” Niven, 19 years old, is our European team player. He has been playing Counter-Strike for 4 years. Joshua plays a crucial entry-fragger role in the team. The ace up his sleeve is spray controls: he is good at firing many rounds in a row, while keeping a steady aim. The only thing he is focused on improving now is his game sense. His favorite team is Cloud9 and he considers the best player to be N0thing. Joshua is looking forward to taking home another Faceit points cup.

  • Role: Entry Fragger
  • Nationality: British
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Fabio “R!sk” Matzka

Fabio “R!sk” Matzka, 21 years old, is playing for our European team. He’d started to play the game since CS:GO came out, but only focused on it 1 and a half year ago. In the current roster, Fabio is a support rifler, but when he’s playing normally he loves to do more of an entry role. He excels at getting difficult kills: for example, the B heaven Cache spot. Playing a support role, it’s important not to forget how to properly flash and smoke, so it’s natural for him to strive to improve at this field. His favorite team is probably Mousesports, he finds their approach to the game, and he doesn’t really have a favorite player, but finds such newer talents as Body and Rop to be promising. Fabio is looking forward to constantly improve his skills, get more experience in team matches and to play with likeminded teammates.

  • Role: Support
  • Nationality: German
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