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CWL Birmingham

Last weekend’s CWL Birmingham was a huge disappointment for everyone in AtlasGaming, including the players themselves who expected better results. This unfortunately ended up being their last tournament under AtlasGaming. The team decided to split up and all the players are now free agents for the rest of the season. We are still happy with the commitment of the players during their whole time amongst us and all of us at AtlasGaming wish them good luck for the rest of their Call of Duty journey.

CWL Seattle

As our time with Call of Duty esport was a very enriching experience, we are happy to announce our new CoD:WWII lineup who will fill in the spot let by our ex-UK squad. Our new American team will make their debut really soon as you will be able to cheer for them at CWL Seattle in just 2 weeks, from April 20th to April 22nd. Here is a statement coming from the team’s captain, Josh “Chronos” Chinsky:

Josh Chinsky
Team Captain

My team and I are incredibly excited to play under AtlasGaming. Over the past few weeks we have had several offers from various organizations to represent them at CWL Seattle, but when Atlas reached out, we knew that we had found an organization that we could call home for the event, as well as the potential to represent them in the future. After meeting with the owner of AtlasGaming, Dan, we saw that he valued communication between players and an organization as much as we did, and the deal was sealed. Not only were we excited to represent an org that had similar values as us, but we jumped at the opportunity to be a North American team representing an EU organization here in the States. The team and I have been playing every night for the past month preparing for CWL Seattle, and we’re excited to make our AtlasGaming debut in just under two weeks.

 Our new North American CoD:WWII roster now looks as follows:

  • Josh “Chronos” Chinsky
  • Chris “Majestiic” Graves
  • John “Gamerr” Tittle
  • Ben “Hxyas” Binyamin

We really look forward to see the new squad perform in Seattle and will provide them with all the support they need. Stay tuned for more Call of Duty action!

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