Bogdan Bogdanchenko is a 22-year-old from Ukraine and is the Partnership Manager for AtlasGaming. He was one of the players on the organization’s first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. He has been managing for a year now and works to find potential partners for the organization and form sponsor relationships. Along with managerial work, Bogdan enjoys StarCraft, science fiction, and also does some work in information technology and music production. He hopes that AtlasGaming can find its success by constantly contributing in every way possible to the constantly shifting landscape of esports.

Bagdan Bogdanchenko

Partnership / Twitch manager

Daniel Sonny de Klerk is a 22-year-old from the Netherlands and is the founder and CEO of AtlasGaming. He founded the organization with some friends in order to provide a supportive avenue for young talents to push their way through to a professional level. AtlasGaming does this by aiding individuals with potential and giving new, serious players an opportunity to experience a real organization setting. Although Daniel is an avid gamer himself and was once a successful Counter-Strike: Source player, he also has a passion for soccer and works as an engineer. Now that he has stepped into a pure ownership role, his dream for the organization is to see his players lift a trophy at a large LAN event.

Daniel De Klerk


Matthieu Maestre is a 20-year-old from France and the European Social Media Manager. Matthieu was one of the original players in organization and stepped into a managerial role in 2017, soon after stepping down from the European Counter-Strike squad. His primary interests outside of managing are games and esports like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League. He wants the organization to continue as a platform for young and talented players who strive to prove themselves, all while staying true to its initial platforms.

Matthieu Maestre

Social Media Manager



Paavo Lahtinen
Teams Manager




Robert Beeson
GFX Designer




Joshua Niven




Trevor Dunham

Bailey Cooper

Craig Thomas