CS:GO Roster Changes

CS:GO Roster Changes

We would like to announce some changes within our CS:GO roster.

Due to personal reasons, KryptoN will step down from playing in our team.

Here’s his official statement:

“Decided to step down as a player from AtlasGaming. I didn’t have time to play too much sadly. Wishing them nothing but the best. Looking to comeback as soon as I’ll have time to compete again. Might try to coach them until I can comeback as a player. We’ll see.” — Peter “KryptoN” Ivánkó

As a matter of fact, we agreed on him coaching the team for the remainder of the season!

Our 5th spot won’t be empty though, as we have a substitute: NONS3NS is joining us as a dedicated sniper! You can expect to read more info on him soon! Stay tuned for further updates.

Read more about AtlasGaming and our group at AtlasGaming.GG

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