AtlasGaming is entering HearthStone

AtlasGaming is entering HearthStone

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We are proud to announce our expansion to the Hearthstone scene! It’s not the first time for us to have a Hearthstone representative, so we already know the ins and outs of the respective scene. In the nearest future, you can expect to see us in Masters Tour events and other offline/online tournaments. Allow us to introduce you to Jarkko “Jarqoni” Karhu, a Finnish Hearthstone player! He is going to represent our organization from now on, so if you are eager to learn more about him, you can do so in Our Teams section on the website.

Jarkko “Jarqoni” Karhu

“I am very hyped to be able to compete once more under Atlasgaming. I look forward this year and what we can accomplish in the future.” — Jarkko “Jarqoni” Karhu

Daniel "Dan", Founder at AtlasGaming:

“I am thrilled to announce that we are entering the HearthStone esports scene once again. We believe Jarqoni is a talented player and want to support him!” — Daniel “Dan” 

Read more about AtlasGaming and our group at AtlasGaming.GG

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